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Your Specialized Health Psychologist

If you have arrived here it may be because you need or want to spend time, become aware, get to know yourself and / or solve a problem. I will accompany you on your way, whatever the reason you decide to go to therapy. I work with all my effort to listen to you well and really understand what you need and thus help you and work together. We will be learning tools, acquiring resources and achieving what we propose. We will achieve change through action with the aim that you feel better and can experience a dignified and optimal quality of life.

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A personalized attention for your needs

During the first sessions we will get to know each other and you will also get to know yourself better. We will talk about your life history, tastes, preferences, fears and illusions ... Together we will determine the current problems in your life and the goals of the therapy with their order of priority. During the process I will guide you; teaching tools to achieve the agreed objectives.

I want to reduce expectations: it is not a quick or magical process. Therapy becomes a different experience for each one, since each person is a world and the process depends on multiple factors; vital situation, seriousness of the problem, motivation and commitment. Therapy is a changing process; There will be times when at the end of the session you feel stirred, others happy, others reinforced for having achieved a change, ... but it is gratifying, because whatever the session was, something is on the way.

Finally, when you feel empowered and autonomous to continue on your own, we will terminate the therapy. We will have the option of arranging sporadic follow-up sessions and you can always resume therapy whenever you want.

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Available Services

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According to your needs

We will choose the therapy that best suits you according to your situation and problem. In the Services section, you can find in more detail each of the therapies that I offer.

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Workshops on specific topics

Groups will be created according to the demands and needs of the people who are interested. Information will be given on the creation of the workshops.

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"We treat life as a problem to be solved,
instead of as a process to be lived "

Steven C. Hayes

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Calle Constantino, 9 

35005 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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