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We will choose the service that best suits your situation to improve your mental health, well-being and quality of life. Do not hesitate to call me or write me by mail or WhatsApp for any questions and / or to learn more about my services.

Each psychologist works in a different way according to his training, psychological current and his person.

I will limit myself to explaining what you can find in my consultation, with me.

Each session lasts one hour.

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 50€ / session

Aimed at children and adolescents, with and without disabilities. Problems such as: ADHD, behavior problems, emotional problems, eating problems, sleep and / or toilet training are usually treated. Low school performance is also usually addressed, either due to lack of motivation or low performance, and identity crises typical of the adolescent period.

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50€ / session

Intended for adults, with and without disabilities with the aim of achieving relief from suffering, an understanding of thoughts, emotions and behaviors. We can enhance your skills to face certain situations or problems, give a new meaning to your symptom until you reach acceptance, explore new ways of interpreting your reality, increase the ability to satisfy your own needs and increase your emotional intelligence.

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45€ / session

This type of therapy will be performed when there are obstacles to attending in person or this modality is preferred. The same contents as in other therapies would be worked on, but telematically. It works exactly the same as face-to-face psychotherapy, but there is greater time flexibility. The Zoom platform is used, and in order to access the session, a link will be sent to you previously. The material for the development of the sessions will be sent by mail.

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60€ / session

When the problem is in the understanding of the two parties.
Problems such as: communication problems, relationship crisis, search for agreements, jealousy, emotional dependence, mistrust, infidelity, can be dealt with.
sexual problems, etc.

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70€ / session

Designed to strengthen, improve or create the bonds that unite the family. Different topics can be dealt with, such as: conflict resolution, family dynamics, autonomy, problems
economic, educational styles, reinforcements, compliance with rules, negotiation ...

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Variable price according to modality and theme

Different topics to be dealt with according to demand. It contains a first more theoretical part where it delves into psychological content and then can apply it in the most practical part. The workshop closes with a sharing of aspects learned, experiences or conclusions drawn. They have been worked on other occasions:

self-esteem, social skills, grief, anxiety management, values, identity crisis, mindfulness, emotional intelligence ...




The report is issued when all the information necessary for it has been collected. For this, one or more sessions will be held (depending on the case). These reports can be clinical psychological; describing the symptoms that the person presents, or psychotechnical reports of aptitude / intelligence.

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Price according to needs and projects to be carried out

Specific consultancies can be carried out or more extensive projects can be carried out according to the needs of the company and the workers (training sessions on demand).



Do you think I can help you in any other way?

If you think I can help you in any aspect that I have not mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact me. I will try to help you as much as possible and if I cannot, I will help you find another professional or service that meets your needs and / or solves your problems.

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