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Who is Lara Tormo?

I have always liked helping people and listening to them. In my house, psychology has been a profession for three generations and I feel that some of all that, I carry with me. It's not hard for me to listen, on the contrary, I enjoy the minutes fly by and I focus a lot on the person in front of me. I am increasing my empathy as I listen to more people. It is fascinating! I like people, each with their peculiarities that make them unique. I think the main thing to know how to listen from the depths is: not to judge, flexibility and have an open mind ...

I like nature, photography, sports, dancing and practicing yoga. Enjoy a sunset and a rejuvenating dive. I love cooking and I tend to take care of my own. I am a restless person, I always want to continue

learning new things. I like challenges. I do research a lot.

I enjoy spending time with myself; I value relaxing moments, but also more social moments, especially when they are different plans. I believe that virtue is in balance and I try to apply it to all areas of my life.

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I am a Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Graduated in Psychology from the University of Salamanca, Carl Roger's Own Degree in Humanist Therapy from the Interaction Institute of Madrid and Master's Degree in General Health Psychology from the University of Barcelona. Also during this process,

I have done many training and practical courses.

These accrediting titles to practice the profession have helped me to have a solid training in the foundations of clinical psychology and also to be able to enjoy the practices from which I learned even more. Because, from theory to real life, things change a bit. During this process I have been learning thanks to different teachers, doctors, colleagues and patients, whom I thank each of them for having been on my way.

You can find my CV on LinkedIn.

Lara Tormo Rodriguez

Col. No. - 02316

Sobre mí: Acerca de mí
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